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Welcome and thank you for visiting Richfield’s Pugs. We are always willing to answer any pug questions you may have weather you are a present pug owner with health questions or just thinking about getting a pug. We are happy to educate others about the breed and love to talk pugs so feel free to e-mail us with any questions you have that are not answered on our web sight. We try to update the events list monthly so check in for a fun pug event near you! Or if you know of a fun pug event or meet up in your area please let us know so we can post it for others. We ask all pug seekers to also consider a rescue pug and have a list of pug rescues with pugs in need listed on this page. We work hard to raise healthy happy pugs. Healthy puppies start with healthy parents and sound foundation stock. We hand pick all our parents and choose only the best possible pugs to breed by research and testing prior to breeding. A pre breeding vet examination including a brucellosis test is done prior to any breeding and copy's of all vet records and lab testing is on sight for you to review. We use and highly recommend Norton's Ark Veterinary Clinic "425-822-7847" in Redmond Washington and you are more then welcome to contact them for a reference on us. If you need there address it is listed on our pug health page. We strive to raise a healthy pug that is true to size, conformation and breed standard. Our parents and puppies are fed the most natural diet possible and we avoid foods with chemical preservatives (BHT, BHA, ethoxyquin) and animal and plant by-products that can damage a pet's immune system. We feed our pug's a Grain Free Formula dog food to ensure that our dogs are eating the healthiest food possible as well as give supplements. Our dogs are always kept up to date on all vaccinations as well as wormed regularly. All of our Studs and Dams are DNA registered with the AKC http://www.akc.org/ before breeding. After birth our vet gives each puppy an exam checking for any flaws big or small as newborns and then again before they leave our home and all pup's come with a copy of the veterinary check up as well as a health record showing vaccination history. All of our puppy's are wormed regularly from the time they are three weeks old until they leave the home and come with at least one set of shots if not two. Our puppy's come with AKC Registration papers, a pedigree showing the last three generations, a 10 day basic health guarantee and a two year genetic health guarantee as well as a signed contract for protection of the purchaser and puppy. We hope the information provided in our web sight helps you decide if a pug is right for you and your family.

Services we provide
In addition to providing quality AKC pug puppies from our home we are also associated with other breeders in the Washington area and are happy to help you find the pug you are looking for. We do offer Stud service to other responsible breeders with approved AKC dams. We are also members of the Puget Sound Pug Dog Club and volunteer as well as support the Seattle Pug Rescue. We do except rescue pugs as well. We are happy to provide referrals to pug rescues, pug friendly vets, specialists, and trainers upon request as well as help answer any pug related health questions and offer advice.

We have puppies! Puppy's are $2500 with half down for deposit and we do except cash payment only at this time. Our puppy's come with first shot's, 2 vet check's, dew claws, wormed, basic and 2 year genetic health guarantee, spay/neuter contract, AKC papers and a life time of advice and support from us. I am always happy to answer any questions you have about pugs.

Call us any time, we love to talk pugs.



 We are happy to offer pug only Boarding, Please see our Boarding section for rates and more information. Cool




We are happy to say we were inspected by the AKC and passed with 100% Compliance!





  1. I will strive to improve my breeding program to meet the American Kennel Club Standard of the Pug Breed.
  1. I do not condone and will not participate in mixed breeding or breeding Pugs that are not AKC registered.
  1. With each Pug sold, I will make available the following: diet and care information, immunization and health record, three-generation pedigree and, where applicable, a registration application or transfer. I will also provide a copy of this Code of Ethics, Educational Guidelines, and will offer to help with problem solving throughout the dog’s life.
  1. I will become familiar with and abide by, all American Kennel Club rules and regulations, and I understand that suspension by the American Kennel Club is grounds for action by the Pug Dog Club of America.
  1. I will not knowingly sell a dog to a pet shop or dealer or other commercial outlet for resale, or to any person known to sell dogs to such dealers: I will not knowingly permit any of my dogs to be sold at auction or used as any type of prize, either directly or indirectly.
  1. Should anyone, at any time, become unable or unwilling to keep a Pug sold or placed by me, I will take that dog back.



(NOTE: These guidelines are NOT a Code of Ethics, but may be used as a guide through our day-to-day living with our Pugs.)


As members of the Puget Sound Pug Dog Club, we agree to abide by the Code of Ethics adopted by this Club. We encourage members and breeders to respect the standard of the breed approved by the American Kennel Club as the only standard by which Pugs may be judged. We would promote friendship and cooperation among breeders, owners and exhibitors of Pugs and assist them in every possible way for the benefit of the breed. We promote the general welfare of the breed and oppose cruel and inhumane treatment of all dogs. We should maintain a standard of excellence in ownership, exhibition, breeding and sales of Pugs. We shall become familiar with, and will abide by, the rules of the AKC. We should continue to update our knowledge of genetic defects, which are harmful to Pugs (see attached Glossary).


We should plan each breeding with the paramount intention of advancing and protecting the Pug breed. Only when we are in a position to give proper care to both the bitch and her offspring should we proceed with the mating. We should discourage owners of bitches from breeding unless they have the facilities, time and resources to adequately care for a litter. We should try to stay in contact with the buyers of our puppies so as to better evaluate the progress of our breeding programs. Only physically and temperamentally sound Pugs, which are of breed type, should be used in our breeding programs. We should not offer stud service to bitches, which do not approach the AKC standard. We should actively screen our breeding stock for possible heritable faults and conditions, including, but not limited to, the defects listed on the attach glossary.

We should not breed any bitch until she is mature and it is preferred not before one year of age. The health and well being of the bitch should determine the frequency of breeding. We recognize that it is generally in the best interests of our bitches to skip a least one heat cycle between litters.

Where Pugs are known to be afflicted with heritable conditions they should be altered and placed as pets, or humanely euthanized. Puppies born with severe congenital defects such as cleft palates should be humanely euthanized by a Veterinarian as soon after birth as practical.

A stud contract specifying terms of payment of stud fee, any guarantee of return service, what constitutes a litter or fulfillment of service, when letter registration papers should be signed, when pick puppies will be chosen, etc., should be in writing before the breeding takes place for both parties legal peace of mind. No promise or agreement should be made orally which is not later put in writing. We should try to educate any bitch owner who contacts us for stud service as to the responsibilities of a breeders and costs and obligations involved in raising a litter.

As a safely precaution to Pugs in our litters, it is advised to remove dewclaws by 10 days of age to minimize risk of eye injuries and ingrown nails.


We should consider the welfare of the Pug as an individual and the welfare and image of the breed above our personal gain or profit. We should be discriminating in the sale of our dogs and concerned with the type of home in which they will be placed. We should sell or place a Pug only after we are convinced that the buyer will provide responsible and humane care at all times. We should be available to our buyers for whatever advice, reasonable aid, and assistance they may need for the life of that dog.

We should not knowingly sell individual or groups of Pugs to such places as pet dealer/brokers (domestic or foreign) for resale, catalog houses, auctions, laboratory research facilities, or other commercial sources of distribution.

We should not in any way misrepresent, mislead, or be fraudulent in stating claims made about our own dogs or those of others.

When selling Pugs we should offer a written agreement of sale specifically stating what warranties, if any, are offered on the Pug. No promise or agreement should be made orally which is not later put in writing. We should promote the use of the AKC non-breeding registration on all pet quality puppies sold by us or sired by our stud dogs. If the Pug is not to be used for breeding, it should be sold on a spay/neuter contract and/or limited AKC registration. If the Pug is being sold is to be bred or shown, we should make every effort to advise and guide the new owner in responsible showmanship and responsible ownership.

We should give any new owner of any Pug sold by us the registration papers or a bill of sale. We should forward all other papers specified in our written contracts.

All dogs that we place should be immunized and wormed as appropriate for the age of the dog. We should provide buyers with written instructions on the care of this dog and a copy of all pertinent medical records.

It is advised that if a dog has not been seen by the buyer prior to purchase, they be allowed 48 hours to reject this animal and arrange for a return and refund.

Puppies should not be placed in a new home before 8 weeks of age and should not be shipped before the age of 12 weeks.


We appreciate the unique nature of the Pug and should provide responsible care at all times. We should maintain the best possible standards of canine health, cleanliness and care. We should provide adequate exercise, socialization, fresh water and food, immunization as needed and control of external and internal parasites on a regular basis. We should provide adequate shelter to protect from the elements, and veterinary attention as warranted for the health of the animal.


We understand that it is wise to permanently identify all puppies and adults (either through tattoo or microchip) and permanently register this identification. This is a means of preventing misrepresentation or theft. We should encourage any bitch owner using our stud dog for service to also permanently identify any puppies resulting form the mating.

We are encouraged to maintain records and pedigrees of Pugs that we have owned or bred that have suffered from any possible genetic conditions.


We support the rescue and welfare of all purebred Pugs. All rescue Pugs not claimed by their kennel of origin should be spayed and neutered regardless of their quality.

Purchasing your pug puppy
With careful consideration, you have decided that a pug is the perfect fit for your family. Your next step is to locate a pug and make it your own. We ask that you also consider if a rescue pug might be right for you and your family and have a list of rescues on this page.  Finding the right pug with the temperament that best complements your life style is the most important factor in creating a long lasting bond. This new addition will be with you for some time and we hope we can help you make an informed decision on where and when to bring home your pug that will ensure that you and your pug are a match made in heaven.We are happy to answer any pug questions you have and spend as much time as you need when making this big decision.

Fawn or Black Boy or Girl

Deciding between black and fawn boy and girl. A fawn pug and a black pug may look like completely different dogs but both have the same great personality and the same pug bodies. There is no difference in health, life span or activity level. Many people are unaware that there are two coat types in pugs. Pugs that have a single coat appear to be sleeker as the individual hairs lay closely on top of each other in a very close fit. The single-coated pug will shed the close-fitting guard hairs year-round, though the volume of hair that the owner must vacuum up is significantly less than a pug with a double coat. The single coat is most predominant in the black pug in general. The double coat has appeared to become the more common coat type in pugs especially in the fawn bloodlines. The pug with a double coat actually has a plush, thick undercoat covered by the dense guard hairs that make up the single coat. The undercoat in double-coated pugs gives the illusion of a much softer appearance. The double-coated pug sheds considerably more then the single coat, as the dense undercoat is lost twice yearly. The double-coated pug requires lengthier brushing to remove the excess hair and to maintain a healthy coat. There is no difference in potty training a boy pug verse a girl pug. We require spaying or neutering of all the puppies we sell. Altered pugs are happier and healthier, less moody due to the absence of hormonal changes and experience fewer behavior challenges related to testosterone and estrogen. Altering your pug will not change its personality in any negative way. Females have a less risk of developing breast cancer, especially if they’re spade before the first time they have a heat cycle, which is around 6 months of age. Females go into heat 2-3 times a year and can bleed for up to a month each heat. They also tend to be aggressive and moody while in heat. Males who are neutered are protected from prostate trouble and cancer problems later in life. With out those hormones surging through his body, he can focus on behaving him self and not marking up your house!


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